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TsMaids Offering high quality and Professional Cleaning Services in Dubai
at Special prices 30dhs/Hour


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Office Cleaning Service

TsMaids is specialized in General Cleaning Services in Dubai; Commercial Cleaning is also one of many services that we are able to deliver with 100% quality service and customer satisfaction on part-time as well as on a full-time basis. A sparkling pleasing and neat workplace is always the customer’s first impression of towards business.
Providing cleanliness is of paramount importance to a company’s business & staff member’s perception. It also brings affections to employees’ health and wellbeing to keep them comfortable and motivated for their upcoming challenges at work. Employees normally are likely happier in a clean office environment than the untidy and messy workplace which prevent their absences from work and likely to get more job done then those who dislike their job.

Our professional cleaners are well trained and have a vast amount of experience in home cleaning with the capability to perform and deliver the best services. TsMaids cleaning staff are able to work without any supervision and manage the time period with professionalism provided by the customers, which is the positive aspect for our customers to have the job done without any hassle

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Office Cleaning Services Dubai

Our commercial cleaning services staff are fully experts with professionalism and experience to handle the cleaning process at your workplace premises. As we all know that you desperately needed a clean and shiny office in Dubai to impress most of your clients towards business. We acknowledge that there could be some important and sensitive data around in the office and we will make sure that you are protected over these things, because we respect your confidence in us to provide this opportunity for cleaning your office in Dubai.
And that is our duty to perform all the necessary tasks to go through the initial process of office cleaning service. We clean every area of your office especially the bathroom cleaning, and kitchen cleaning which is the most important part of your workplace.

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Commercial Cleaning Service

Once we have done with all chores in the office space, it's time to move to the bathroom to sanitize it. This is the most important aspect to disinfect the Bathroom with Dettol and some other disinfectants in order to kill the germs and have a disinfected and sanitized bathroom.

We also take care of the kitchen if there is any in the office to clean it and throw the garbage in the recycle bin. To have a clean kitchen we provide the best cleaners to do the task for you, just relax and we will do the job done for you without any hassle.

We highly recommend you book your cleaner with us online and get on-time maids without delays or any other hassles. We Thanking you for choosing us as your cleaning service provider in Dubai.

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Highly-trained staff

Our Cleaners are fully trained dedicated to their work when it comes to professional cleaning.

Fast & Effective service

We provide Speedy, Quality Cleaning Service with the help of our Staff and Efficient Online System.


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