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When & where you must clean your kitchen? Perhaps mostly everywhere in the kitchen after every cooking activity, this has to be a mammoth job, but as you prepare your food in your kitchen should be neat and clean especially cooking equipment, and serving dishes. There are trillions of germs and bacteria that exist in the kitchen and plenty of harmful for human beings who cause sickness, especially children and the older ones, so the priority has to be given to shine and spotlessly clean kitchen.

The best thing is that there are plenty of options to be adopted in order to have a clean and neat Kitchen. As germs spread easily, the basis is to clean the pots in use most of the time as well as the other important dishes. Cooker knobs, microwave and sink taps are the other important places where to be concentrated on a regular basis. TsMaids got the best team to handle your kitchen and keep it neat and shine as always. Book our Professional cleaning services in Dubai at 30Dhs/Hour only.

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Cleaning different areas of the Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning is easy when you know how to perform it! We are here to take care of your kitchen, we do gas stove cleaning using special chemicals like JIF Cream, Kitchen Spray to remove the moisturized surface of the gas stove and oven. Our cleaners are fully trained and professional to use rubber gloves while cleaning in the kitchen to specifically gain effective results in the kitchen.

Cleaning Worktops at Kitchen
Once the food is prepared on worktops this has to be cleaned and wiped as soon as possible, it’s a fast task to do. When preparing food, especially meats which could carry E.coli or salmonella, we simply wipe down the area with a food-friendly, anti-bacterial spray or anti-bacterial wipe. We also clean the Chopping boards thoroughly and wash after use with a dishwashing detergent like Lux Sunlight and hot water to be ready for the next use. Call us for Kitchen Cleaning Service in jlt or Dubai Marina at special hourly prices. 0555546113

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Cleaning of Gas Stove in the Kitchen
Gas stoves are always durable and can survive being cleaned by a general detergent cleaner. But it's worth to clean the gas stove with a special designed cleaner to vanish the greasy and deep stain on the gas stove. We provide special cleaning sprays to get rid of the stain of your gas stove. Our cleaners make sure to target the crevices around the burners ensuring not to miss the spots.

Cleaning the Kitchen Sinks and Taps
There are few concerns with the sinks and taps in the kitchen as always as soon as you cook and prepare food the moister will spread everywhere. These areas are known to be breeding grounds for germs, so you have to go through a thorough cleaning after the preparation of food. TsMaids keep it in mind to keep you away from tough tasks to give you clean and neat sinks of your kitchen. We Use an anti-bacterial multi-purpose cleaner that is specifically designed to kill kitchen germs. The other important thing is that none wants to have mucky fingerprints on the taps. Our cleaners clean the sinks and taps with special products that prevent the surface of the sinks and taps from scratches and damages and make them sparkling the way you want it.

Cleaning of Pots and Pans
Our cleaners are professional especially in the kitchen cleaning, dishwashers are fabulous appliances, but that is not a good idea especially when some pans are burnt at the bottom, which can be vanished only manually. So we are here to help in such conditions to keep the pans and pots clean. We apply some washing up liquid onto the burnt areas and leave it to soak in hot water for a sometimes before rinsing. Then we simply wash it as normal for a sparkling and shining pan that’s as good as new. So don't hesitate to book our Professional House Cleaning Services in Dubai at 30dhs/Hour only.

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